The process of making my work is equally as important as the resulting image. The “success” of the image seems inextricably tied to my state of awareness, or lack of, while I make the piece. Although the end result is, of course, material in nature, the source of the image is immaterial. The mark making is an active meditation rooted in the simple, quiet, scaleless, present moment. The bridge between spirit and form. The image ultimately becomes tethered to the unrelenting and paradoxical duality of creative impulse and stasis of form. My work lives in this paradox. Potential and permanence. Perceived time and the present moment.

This latest work is immediate, and the method is direct. There is no editing, the line is put on in single gestures often with my eyes closed. The color is applied in direct, singular, brush strokes. I reduced the elements as an exercise to see what essence might remain with such a direct approach.

Other pieces with more elements are also a bi-product and reflection of this active meditation: a meditation on the unseen becoming seen played out in an activity of impulse and response. In these there is more of a back and forth between questions and responses, introspection and execution, articulation and suggestion. Transcribing an experience and exploration at the intersection of spirit and form, mind and body, idea and execution where are found endless opportunities while at the same time endless constraints. I make every effort to remain subjectively uninvolved but clear in translation. Endeavoring to not trap the image but find a resonance and balance somewhere between a question and an answer. The impulse, inspiration, and motivation to create, to make a mark, finds its resting point on the surface. The surface is simultaneously the receiver and transmitter of thought while the viewer is then left to interpret, judge, become affected or unaffected as she chooses. Not unlike our daily interactions. Each moment remains an opportunity for us to take notice, or not. Is a work of art not just another opportunity to take notice? I strive in my work to transcribe a crystalized moment of connection. I seek not to explain anything and the image’s relevance and paradox in the world will always remain a wonderful mystery to me.